Bus Safety Program Underway In Jamestown; Police Increase School Zone Patrols, Hefty Fines For Violators

JAMESTOWN – Operation Safe Stop, a statewide program that seeks to promote school bus safety, recently kicked off in the City of Jamestown.
“We have numerous complaints throughout the year of people passing buses with the red flashing lights on,” said¬†Jamestown Police Captain Todd Isaacson. “It’s a safety concern, little kids crossing, they are not looking, cognizant of vehicle dangers and traffic.”
As part of the initiative, police said they’ve increased the frequency of patrols in school zones.
State wide 50,000 vehicles illegally pass through school bus stop signs daily.
“It is our goal to remind people of the danger and to be more vigilant, and proactive,” said Isaacson.
First time fines for illegally passing a school bus range from $250 to $400 and five points on your license, or even thirty days in jail.