Gowanda School To Get Security Upgrades, New Sports Facilities

GOWANDA – Voters in the Gowanda Central School District approved both propositions as part of a two-part capital improvement project that will focus on improving the school’s security and upgrading some of the campus’s sports facilities.

The vote took place Thursday. Proposition 1 passed 610-302. The second proposition, which was contingent upon the passage of the first, passed by 509-397.

Proposition one of the two-part plan involves new, reconfigured entrances district wide. Entrances to the elementary and high schools would be relocated so they have a forward-looking view of the approach to schools.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Anderson told WNYNewsNow Tuesday morning that the entrances are dated and need major upgrades.

Climate control expansion throughout all three schools is also a part of Proposition One. The expansion would eliminate the need to open windows, even on days with higher temperatures.

Proposition One, which focuses on safety, welfare and health, technology, energy efficiency and site improvements, will cost $29,174,459.

Proposition Two will focus on synthetic turf for the boys’ baseball field and the girls’ softball field. The cost will be $1,334,058.

School officials said these upgrades will have zero impact on the tax levy for residents of the Gowanda School District as they are utilizing state aid.