JHS Seniors Josh McEntire and Sofia Isabella Win Voice of Democracy Speech Contest

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown High School seniors, Josh McEntire and Sofia Isabella, recently won first and second place in the local VFW “Voice of Democracy” speech contest.
Students’ speeches revolved around the topic, “Why My Vote Matters.” Josh and Sofia completed the speech as part of Barbi Price’s JCC College-Level Public Speaking class.
“This speech gave me an opportunity to examine the importance of voting, especially leading up to the mid term elections,” stated Josh.
“Entering the Voice of Democracy competition helped me with my public speaking skills,” remarked Sofia. “Writing this speech made me realize how really important voting is and how lucky we are to live in a country where our vote matters.”
“The students wrote, recorded, and edited their speeches in the JHS recording studios with the help of Ed Tomassini. So, in addition to developing public speaking skills, they learned more about how to create and edit a quality recording,” added Price. “Print copies of the speeches and the CDs were sent to the VFW for judging. The contest gave students an opportunity to hone their research, writing, editing, and speaking skills.”
Both Josh and Sofia’s Voice of Democracy speech entries will be sent to the next VFW level to be judged.