Lincoln Kindergarteners Complete Nursery Rhyme Projects

JAMESTOWN – Three blind mice, Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffet are just some of the characters Lincoln Elementary School kindergartners learned about through their Nursery Rhymes and Fable English Language Arts Unit in Molly Anderson, Amy Langworthy, Karen Sykes and Melissa Forster’s classes.

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During the ELA unit, students were introduced to nursery rhymes and fables that have been favorites of children for generations. As a culminating activity, some students created projects with their families revolving around what they learned in class.
Students were given a list of options for their projects: dioramas, puppets, posters, dressing-up like a character, reciting a nursery rhyme or coming up with a novel idea.
Mrs. Anderson shared the idea to do these projects with her kindergarten team to help families engage in their children’s learning.
Students shared their projects with their classmates to help tie-in the speaking & listening standards for kindergarten curriculum.
“The projects turned out great!” said the teachers. “Students were so proud of their work and they did a wonderful job reciting their rhymes!”