Local Middle School Students Learn Human Rights Through A New ELA Workshop

JAMESTOWN –  Jefferson Middle School students had their first lesson on human rights through a new workshop which helps students engage in discussions with their peers, summarize portions of text and determine the meaning of words.
Students in Mrs. Allison Morganti’s class began a new workshop that mixes Social Studies with English Language Arts. Students analyzed selected articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through a series of ELA-related tasks to learn the idea behind human rights and how they are protected within the United States
They also examined firsthand accounts of Human Rights, explained how a family’s rights were challenged and how that family responded.
Mrs. Morganti said it is very important that students know the rights of citizens throughout the world in informational text.
“This text allows students to know what rights they came into the world having (as an American citizen)  and also connects to the NYS social studies core curriculum.”