Law Enforcement Agencies Losing Faith In DA’s Ability?

Law enforcement members have expressed concern regarding the numerous mistrials and miscues throughout District Attorney Patrick Swanson’s tenure thus far.
We recently spoke with County Executive George Borrello to hear his take regarding the situation.
We’ve reached out to Swanson on several occasions over the last few months for comment but, other than interviews in September and November, he has been “unavailable”, according to his office.

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  1. Why not do a segment in regards to the city not filling the dam potholes in town. Have you seen second st ,or washington street try avoiding the ones on main by buffalo street. Its imposable not to hit them. Maybe the city of Jamestown should have a fund where they can give car owners money to repair their cars and replace their struts after winter because they’re too cheap to put down an actual thick layer of pavement but instead they just carpet lay pavement or throw patch down and smooth it off with their truck tires.

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