Motivational Mondays: Boxing With Energy, Enthusiasm, And Support!

LAKEWOOD – Motivational Mondays, presented by the Fitness Bunker, kicks off a brand new week of talking about the benefits of boxing.
Classes are offered at the Fitness Bunker Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, according to Instructor Amber Corrigan.
Clients who participate in her classes can expect a complete work-out. The classes integrate a mix of skill sets and backgrounds, and everybody is welcome!
“I run my clients through a nice, dynamic warm-up that gets their cardio going,” said Corrigan. “Then we learn the basic punches; the jab, the cross, the hook, and the upper-cut.”
In preparation for the boxing classes, you’ll want to make sure your cardio is up to par.
“You can do that by spending three days a week focusing 20-30 minutes on going for a walk, a light jog, and then maybe some weight training exercises to follow,” said Corrigan.
Since boxing requires that you use upper body weight, Corrigan suggests doing some shoulder presses or push-ups.
The classes are packed with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Check this preview on the Fitness Bunker’s Facebook page.
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