Clymer/Sherman/Panama Wolfpack Prepares For Class D Championship

SYRACUSE – On Friday at noon, the Clymer/Sherman/Panama Wolfpack will be facing off against the Moriah Vikings at the Carrier Dome for the Class D Championship. 
During an interview with WNYNewsNow Wednesday morning, Sherman Central School Athletic Director Cory Emory said the members of the three districts are very excited for this upcoming game.
“It’s great, all three schools have been excited. The towns have been very supportive,” Emory said.
The Athletic Director said it’s harder to coordinate full team activities due to various circumstances.
“In terms of the send offs, the kids go to each town. But, in terms of the school pep rallies, it’s been hard to coordinate due to kids missing half days,” Emery said. “The Panama girls volleyball team’s success and deep playoff run was another factor in the difficulties of the football pep rallies.”
Emory said the team is preparing as if Friday’s game is a normal game.
“For them, it’s been business as usual. You can tell there’s nervousness, but they have a subtle confidence, which is nice. They’re not overly confident, they’re not cocky, they have that little bit of insight to say hey, we’re a darn good football team. Let’s go out and do what we do, and everything will be alright.”
Emory also gave credit to the coaches who have worked with the three-school team. Emory said, “One team, one goal. They are all buddies regardless of where they come from. ‘
Emory also expressed his gratitude to the adults for supporting the team despite having players from three separate school districts.