Jackals Join Pro Basketball League

JAMESTOWN – Professional basketball will be added to the City of Jamestown’s roster as the Jamestown Jackals announced Tuesday they have joined ‘The Basketball League’ (TBL).
“I am very blessed to introduce David Magley, who is welcoming us into The Basketball League, a professional organization, so we can provide even higher quality basketball to the Jamestown community,” announced Jackals Manager Kayla Crosby.
Crosby explained that over the next few months, the Jackals management will work with the TBL to ensure that they meet their high standards.
“This is the community’s team, this is the Jamestown Jackals, and from the very beginning that was the vision that the entire community would support the team,” said Crosby. “I’ve got so many stories over the past three years of doors opening and different individuals stepping up, and that is what it is going to take to continue to build.”
Crosby said she is very grateful for the community’s support thus far and is hopeful for the future.
League president David Magley said that over the past few years, he has been watching Crosby for the past few years.
“The one person that was’t in our league that we needed to get in this league was Kayla and The Jamestown Jackals,” said Magley. “A, cause of Kayla. B, because of the market, fan base, and support. C, because of her relationship with Jamestown Community College.”
“We won’t play at rec centers, we won’t play in venues that we are embarrassed of. We’re going to play in venues that can generate enough revenue to support what we do, and that will look good on TV.”
Magley explained that there is no salary cap in the TBL. Instead, he wants to recruit players for who they are, and how they play.
“I believe that I, and coach as well, can put together a team of 10 to 12 of our minimum wage guys who can compete with anybody in North America,” said Magley. “The difference between a $15,000 and a $5,000 guy really isn’t that much, it is often experience.”
The Jackals have also acquired a new Head Coach, Mark Anderson, who previously coached in the Premier Basketball League in Ohio and as the Jackals interim coach during last year’s playoffs.