Jamestown Jackal Player Preparing For Opportunity In European Basketball League

JAMESTOWN – A semi-professional basketball player for the  Jamestown Jackals says he may get another shot in a European basketball league soon.
Charles Thomas, who attended Warren Area High School, recently spent some time playing in Serbia.
Thomas said the difference between basketball in America, and the game in Europe, is remarkably different.
“In America, there’s a lot of over-dribbling,” said Thomas. “I think here (America), we glorify getting baskets or getting points instead of glorifying the team win (and), to me, that’s the biggest difference.”
Thomas said he recently had the opportunity to train with one of his close friends who played professionally in Serbia.
“He’s about to go to a mid-major D1 this year, and he’s playing phenomenally,” said Thomas. “Those guys have high IQ’s; the IQ level there is very high.”
He also pointed out that the ever-changing NBA game has shaped a different generation of players.
“Guards like Steve Nash made people’s careers,” Thomas said. “Guys like Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook score first and assist second.”
Like all point guards, Thomas is a natural leader spending his off time helping younger guys understand the game of basketball.
“I can see myself coaching. I have coached at the AAU circuit in New Jersey, so I’ve been around coaching a little bit,” Thomas said.
At the time this article was written, Thomas was unable to provide that exact location where he was headed to play in Europe because of contractual restrictions.
We promise to follow up with the Jackals and update this article when more information becomes available.
The Jamestown Jackals play at home on Sunday against the Ohio Bootleggers at Jamestown Community College.
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