Admitted Dog Killer Due Back In Court

JAMESTOWN – The man who admitted to WNYNewsNow that he hanged his pit bull from a tree is due back in court this morning.
Robert Overton, 47, was charged with aggravated animal cruelty under New York’s Agriculture and Markets Law. He was allowed to turn himself in after police reportedly had enough evidence to charge him.
Overton spoke with us a day before he surrendered to authorities.
He explained why he got rid of the dog in the manner he chose to.
“The dog made a couple of attempts to be aggressive,” said Robert Overton. “The first time he bite me, which is fine because dogs do that, the second time he went after my daughter and he bite her on the butt, but never broke the skin.”
Overton said he hanged the dog (named Champagne) in the beginning of the winter after a third incident.
Overton was formerly arraigned and remanded to jail without bail.
Jamestown Police said they received hundreds of tips following the discovery of the animal in a wooded area around  Hallock and Palmer Streets last week.
Overton is scheduled to appear downtown at 10:30.
We will provide you with an update about the proceedings a little later today.