ALSTAR’s Number Of Narcan Administrations Down In December, But Higher Overall In 2017

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY – ALSTAR encountered six patients that received Narcan last month, which is lower than the monthly average in 2017, according to EMS Resource Manager Ron Hasson.
Four of the overdoses were in the south county (3 Jamestown, 1 Falconer) and two in the north (Dunkirk – city).  Two patients had Narcan administered by a citizen.  One of those had additional Narcan administered by a fire department and by ALSTAR for a total of three administrations.
Hasson provided a year-end synopsis of just ALSTAR administrations:
2017 – 104, with a monthly average of 8.7
2016 – 76, with a monthly average of 6.3
Here is a year-end composite (total encounters) synopsis:
2017 – 165, with a monthly average of 13.8
2016 – 121, with a monthly average of 10.1