Assemblyman Goodell Claims Progress Being Made In Fight Against Political Corruption

NEW YORK – Assemblyman Andy Goodell is answering questions about a retrial that starts today for a former State Assembly Speaker charged with using his power and influence for personal gain. 
Federal prosecutors say Sheldon Silver collected $4 Million in illegal kickbacks from a Cancer Researcher and Real Estate Developers.
“Here’s a guy that was getting paid millions of dollars from law firms in New York City without lifting a finger and doing any legal work,” said Goodell. “Everyone who thought about it for a moment knew it could not be true that he was earning any legals fees without doing any work.”
Silver was found guilty in 2015 of corruption and sentenced to 12 years in Prison.  The conviction was overturned last July due to a previous Supreme Court Ruling reversing the bribery conviction  of a Virginia Governor that affected  corruption prosecutions across the country.
“I hope this decision will once again emphasize that we expect those in Albany to be focused on doing the work of the public and not benefiting from their personal connections,” Goodell said.

Silver is not the only  former NYS lawmaker to face criminal corruption charges.
Since 2000. more than 30 NYS Representatives have left office due to criminal or ethical allegations.
Former NYS Senate Leader Dean Skelos was also convicted of corruption and bribery charges. His retrial begins in June.
In March, Joseph Percoco, Top Aide to Governor Cuomo was convicted by  a federal jury of fraud and accepting bribes.
Silver, a Democrat from New York City, led the Assembly for more than 20 years.  He maintains his innocence.