Assemblyman Goodell Says It’d Be “A Big Mistake” To Eliminate Cash Bail “Across The Board”

ALBANY – Local State Assemblyman Andy Goodell said the “across the board” elimination of the cash bail system in New York State without a case-by-case evaluation¬† would be “a big mistake.”
Goodell, who spoke with WNYNewsNow Thursday, said that there will be people who won’t appear in court.
“There are a number of people who will flee the jurisdiction, or won’t show up,” Goodell said. “When someone doesn’t show up for a court proceeding or court hearing, then the whole system is compromised. The ability to move forward is compromised.”
“There’s a tremendous cost to the system. Police have to try to track them down. None of that is a positive result.”
Goodell, however, said he’s in support of systems such as released under supervision and released under recognizance. He also said he supports appropriate cash bails being set for those who will likely show up to trial.
Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson said that the elimination of cash bail is “workable,” but it shouldn’t allow for everyone to be out before trial due to possible scenarios like witness intimidation, etc. Swanson hopes that district attorney’s throughout the state will have a chance to provide input if and when legislation is put on the table to eliminate cash bail.