Audit: Jamestown High School’s Bullying Incidents Drop Dramatically From 2014 to 2015.

JAMESTOWN-The State Comptroller’s Office says Jamestown High School reported nearly 40 cyber-bullying or intimidation incidents in 2014 but not a single event the very next year. 

The numbers were discovered in an audit of New York State’s Dignity for All Students (DASA) released just last week.

Dunkirk Middle School saw the most bullying in 2015, according to the audit. Those reports accounted for almost 10 percent of the total amount of incidents reported to the state.

Falconer Middle School and Southwestern Elementary School both reported 23 bullying incidents in 2015.

All school districts in New York State are required to submit an annual report of material incidents of harassment, bullying, and/or discrimination that occurred in such school year and that were reported to the district superintendent by the principal of each school within the district.

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