Buffalo Businessman Banking On Jamestown’s Revitalization

JAMESTOWN – A Buffalo businessman said he will soon open a family-friendly, one-stop convenience store complete with a brand new kitchen, a parking lot with fresh pavement and new blacktop, in an environment that patrons will feel safe in.  
Abdulla Abuhamra , Owner of Pronto Store, located on the corner of 2nd and Windsor Streets, said the vision for the store on a piece of  property left vacant after Noe Place closed last September has been an exhaustive six-month effort.
“We will place an emphasis on greater customer service,” said Abuhamra. “We will not tolerate people loitering or hanging around.”
Abuhamra said that the commitment the company has to Jamestown includes wanting to keep an open line of communication with local law enforcement.
Abuhamra said he understands that the area of 2nd and Windsor Streets (where the store sits) has a reputation for criminal activity. “We went into this knowing and understanding the stigma,” said Abuhamra.
“We have a case that’s similar to this in Buffalo and we cleaned it up,” he added. “With time and hard work, we can change it, (stigma) I really believe that.”
One of the big draws for Abuhamra, besides his admiration and belief in the city’s revitalization, is the fact that a park is in the process of being built in favor of two abandoned buildings that are not only eyesores, but of no-use for the many young children here.
“It’s all about our kids in the city,” said Abuhamra. “We are doing this for Jamestown.”
The striking changes that Abuhamra and his dedicated contractors have made are both obvious and subtle.
The parking lot, once a dreaded abyss of potholes, is now nice and smooth; inviting to both the eye and your vehicle’s alignment.
“We have re-done the pavement from the front door to the Sunoco sign,”said Abuhamra. “We are going to put fresh blacktop down as well. We’ve changed everything.”
Abuhamra said Pronto Mart will be complete in about two weeks.
We’ll have a more in-depth look at this shiny new store in the coming weeks.

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  1. Good to see something happening for the community! I hope the JPD can have a positive presence at this location and able keep this a drug free safe area for our kids and others living in this area! Good Luck on this new business!

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