City To Create “Pot Hole” Portal

JAMESTOWN – Frustrated city motorists striking and dodging potholes will be soon be able to report the location and any other necessary information to the DPW via a new link on the city’s website.
Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi made the announcement during a Monday work session.
“We use an expensive form of what they call ‘cold patch’, which doesn’t do a permanent job, and even a very good job,” Teresi said. “But that’s all that we have to work with.”
“In the meantime, we’re asking folks to let us know what some of the worst of the worst might be,” Teresi added. “We could, at least, go out there and get some temporary cold patch into some of these more flagrant-type situations.”
Teresi also said that the City of Jamestown and Chautauqua County will both be working on multiple infrastructure projects downtown.
Reporters Ryan Hedrick and Justin Gould contributed to this report. 

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