County Executive Reacts To Animal Cruelty Incident; Touts Local Law To Protect Residents, Pets

JAMESTOWN – County Executive George Borrello said the horrific discovery of a hanged dog on Monday is a reminder that there are evil people capable of doing despicable things. 
The County Executive’s comments come less than a week after the County Legislature tabled a local law that would have created a county-wide animal abuse registry.
“Anyone who would do this to a dog is capable of far worse,” Borrello said. “This registry will help in the fight against animal cruelty by identifying those that have been convicted and helping to ensure that they are never allowed to own an animal again.”
Borrello said the law will work just like the sex offender registry.
“It will publicly identify those criminals as animal abusers so that people living near them can protect themselves and their pets,” said Borrello.
The law was tabled during the March voting session because of some concerns from lawmakers that there was more to do on the bill.
The legislature will take up the issue again during the April voting session.