County Legislator Reacts To Zoning Board Denying Verizon’s Cell Tower Plan

JAMESTOWN – County Legislator Dave Wilfong reacted to the Jamestown Zoning Board’s decision Wednesday to vote down a cell phone tower plan for Hallock Street. 
Wilfong said he’s pleased with the results.
“We did win last night,” Wilfong said. “All the people that were there last night were against it. I guess it proves that little guys can change the world.”
“Nobody wants to look at those big honkin cell phone towers in our neighborhood,” Wilfong added. “We all think we need immediate contact with our phones.”
The Zoning Board’s decision comes after months of delay due to various reasons. Wilfong told WNYNewsNow back in November that he’s never seen constituents angry with an issue like he did with the cell tower plan.
“I’ve done a lot of things in my political career and nothing has ever gotten my constituents fired up like this cell tower, ” said County Legislator Dave Wilfong, who spoke during a public comment session. “We don’t want that in our neighborhood.”
“Those are our homes where that cell tower is going.”
Wilfong did say that the issue may not be over.
“They (Verizon) can actually go to court and, because the government is mandated coverage, they can go to court and get that cell phone tower built,” Wilfong said. “That’s just the way it works.”