Crews Begin Work On Falconer Traffic Light

FALCONER – Construction is underway on a new traffic light near Falconer Central School that should be functioning by the start of the next school year.
School Superintendent Stephen Penhollow said the traffic light, which will be installed on the corner of E. Main St. and East Avenue, will be “state of the art,” increasing safety for both pedestrians and drivers alike.
“It probably will start as a red and yellow light blinking to allow drivers to get used to the light,” said Penhollow. “It will eventually go into a full red, yellow and green light with push buttons on all four corners to allow students to have full control.”
Penhollow said the light may have turning arrows as well. The specific design is still in the works as crews begin construction.
The Superintendent said concerns surrounding the intersection have been on the district’s mind for years, but when a student was struck in 2016, the issue was brought to the forefront.
“It definitely brought the light back into attention,” said Penhollow. “Student safety is our main concern and it (the light) addressed many of the concerns that we’ve had for many years.”
Falconer Student Resource Officer Greg Paterniti said, in addition to the traffic light, school officials have adjusted the pickup and drop off locations for parents.
“The parents will drop off their students in the main parking lot using the Middle School doors,” said Paterniti.  “That added a huge level of safety without all the cars and children trying to cross between them.”
Ellicott Police patrol both the Falconer District and Southwestern Central School District during school hours to try and keep kids safe.
Penhollow said, without the support of New York State Senator Cathy Young, Assemblyman Andy Goodell and local officials the light would not be going in.
“We are excited for the children of the district who cross this on a daily basis,” said Penhollow.

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  1. I take pleasure in being the crossing guard at this school where safety of our children is the main concern.

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