Elderly Man Passes In Carey Place Fire

JAMESTOWN –  An elderly man passed away in a structure fire Thursday morning on Carey Place.
Lieutenant Tim Glenn confirmed the news to WNYNewsNow’s Ryan Hedrick just moments ago. Crews said much of the blaze was contained to the rear of the house.
“We can confirm there was a fatality, but specific name of the victim would have to come from the police department,” Glenn said.
Glenn and Lt. Johnston said that the fire was deemed an accident.
Neighborhood resident Jen Grey felt she could’ve done more.
“I was banging on the door, and my grandfather was a fireman, so I thought maybe they passed out (from the smoke),” Grey said. “Once I had been banging on the door, with no response, I started kicking the door as hard as I could.”
“I was really worried about whoever was in there. When they finally brought him out of the house, he wasn’t responding.”
Fellow neighborhood resident Todd Guyot said he watched in horror as crews tried to give CPR to the man.
“I saw them working CPR on the victim, and it didn’t look good,” Guyot said. “CPR lasted maybe a minute, at best, and then they wheeled him off under a sheet.”
“My heart sank at that moment. I knew that it wasn’t good because they had to have been in that house for a good 20 minutes-plus before they got pulled out.”
WNYNewsNow will provide updates when they become available.