EXCLUSIVE: FOIL Reveals 10 Arsons Occurred After Young Left, 21 Total In 2017 Thus Far

JAMESTOWN-A recent FOIL (Freedom of Information Legislation) by WNYNewsNow revealed the city’s fire department ruled 21 structure fires in 2017 an arson, 10 of which were set after accused area arsonist Jonathan Young left the jurisdiction. (NOTE: at least one more arson occurred after the FOIL was received by our organization.)

The following fires were deemed arson (Bold are ones after Young left, italicized are the ones he’s accused of. Please note this report does not include three fires Young is accused of setting in Falconer and Fluvanna’s jurisdictions):

Jan. 27th: 944 E. 2nd St.

Feb. 4th: 95 Liberty St. (Vehicle)

March 2nd: Two fires at 621 E. 6th St.

March 22nd: 441 Winsor St.

March 23rd: 621 E. 6th St.

March 24th: 650 E. 6th St.

March 25th: 220 Crossman St.

March 25th: 30 W. 11th St.

March 25th: 22 W. 11th St.

March 25th: 33 W. 10th St.

March 27th: 625 Prendergast Ave.

April 4th: 206 Charles St.

May 11th: 70 Hazeltine Ave.

May 16th: 419 W. 2nd St.

May 18th: 124 Barrows St.

May 21st: 301 Front St. (Dumpster)

May 24th: 213 Barrett Ave.

May 29th: 274 Prospect St. 

June 6th: 40 Winsor St.

June 14th: 114 Cole Ave.

July 24th: Corner of Lincoln and E. 5th Sts.

The following fires either involved a meth lab or a juvenile:

March 16th: 212 W. 6th St. Meth lab reaction

March 24th: Juvenile Garage fire

June 13th: 144 Sampson St. Juvenile

The June 21st fire at 24 N. Main St. (Old Arcade Building) is still an open investigation per the FOIL. WNYNewsNow is working to obtain the cause of July 13th’s fire at Sneakers Bar on Harrison St.

The following fires were accident related:

Jan. 12th 16 Arnold St. Combustibles too close to a gas boiler

Feb. 21st. 37 Chestnut St. Dryer fire

April 2nd 119 Myrtle St. Cooking fire

May 20th 307 Forest Ave. Unattended Candle

June 4th 111 Barrett Ave. Combustibles too close to a heater

July 18th Linwood Ave. Official cause unknown, appeared accidental per JFD.

July 25th 262 Falconer St. Electrical fire







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