EXCLUSIVE: Parents Of Murdered Jamestown Man Speak Out; Killer To Come Forward

JAMESTOWN – The parents of a man who was brutally murdered in November claim that he was set-up and robbed for his money.

“I just want you to know that I’m not going anywhere,” said Shana Workman, the mother of Dyllan Ownbey, who was stabbed to death on November 28th. “I’m not here to judge you,” Workman said as she glared intently into the camera for her first media interview following her son’s death (exactly two weeks after his 22nd birthday).  She says 15 years ago she had a premonition that something awful was going to happen to Dyllan.

“When he started driving and he got his license I would call him or text him and ask,  where you at?” Her son wtas stabbed to death on the corner of Willard and Peterson Streets.

“I didn’t get him a birthday card this year, I got him a card that said you did it,” Workman said.  She added that she congratulated him on making it to age 22.

Howard Ownbey, Dyllan’s father, sat clutching a large glossy photo of his slain son.  Tears welled up as he struggled to speak freely during our interview on Friday.  Midway through, the thought of Dyllan’s once vibrant personality sent his emotions spinning.

“If you look at people’s posts (on social media) they didn’t have anything bad to say about my son,” Ownbey said as his voice trailed off.  Ms. Workman interjected that her coping methods have varied on a day-to-day basis. “I have to be the strong one but inside I’m dead,” Workman said.

The grieving father admitted what’s gnawing at him is the feeling that he didn’t do enough to protect his son. “We promise to protect our kids and I couldn’t, I just feel like I let him down,” Ownbey said.

WNY News Now has been following the progress on this case very closely.  Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings has been tight-lipped about the case as well although very responsive to our questions about the Ownbey investigation. Snellings also added that the investigation is ongoing.

When we contacted Snellings again via text on Friday he said that he could not and would not discuss the case.

WNY News Now will continue to follow the Ownbey case in the hopes of finding the killer.


  1. Someone please come forward any tips would help this poir family . I am truly sorry for tour loss no one should ever bury a child . I pray that something positive happens soon for you . dont lose faith.

  2. Pieces of crap dirtbags need to get caught and be brought to justice. These parents are rite we worry nightly about our children even being in Jamestown.

  3. I am so deeply sorry for this families loss. On God! I can’t even imagine.
    Everything she spoke is the truth. We as a community shouldn’t have to live in fear. Someone.knows something. I hope they become a hero and help this family with closure in the murder of their precious son.

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