EXCLUSIVE: Son Of Deceased Man Reacts To Father’s Death: “People Deserve To Know”

JAMESTOWN – The son of a man, whose death is under State Police investigation, painted a scenario on Saturday night that included a premonition of his father being murdered. 
“Let’s say that this stems from murder, people deserve to know,”said Miguel Uriah Colon shortly after a candlelight vigil was held for his father, Wilfredo Colon Rodriguez Jr., whose body was discovered last month in a wooded area in Randolph.
Colon said repeatedly during an exclusive interview with WNYNewsNow that he does not contact investigators about his father’s case and that they only contact him, “if they need information.”
“They haven’t really told me anything because I think they know I am still trying to cope with this,” he said.
He did speak hypothetically when asked if he thought his father’s death was more than an accident.
“People’s feelings are valid,” Colon said. “If this is happening to somebody who has no affiliation with a gang or has done nothing wrong and is not incorporated in any illegal activities, and he was murdered, let’s just say -I’m not saying he was, I have no idea – if people are going around and killing innocent people, people need to know.”
State Police have not released any further information about this ongoing investigation since last month when they publicly identified the victim’s body.
WNYNewsNow Multimedia Journalist Justin Gould and News Editor Matt Hummel contributed to this report.