FBI Assisting Jamestown Police With Sean Carpenter Disappearance

JAMESTOWN – Local police are using additional resources in an effort to locate a 35-year-old man who went missing nearly three weeks ago.
Sean Carpenter was last seen on April 11th at 1:45 am walking from E. 2nd St,. down Pine St., and towards 1st. St., according to Jamestown Police.
“We have multiple agencies that are assisting us with this (Carpenter investigation),” Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings said.  “There’s nothing new with this, but I can tell you it’s an everyday thing,”
Less than 24 hours after Carpenter was reported missing, a GoFundMe page was established by Amy McClellan, who claims to be a friend of Carpenter’s.
A Facebook page reportedly operated by McClellan shows several pictures of them in public settings seemingly very happy together.
The donation page also indicates that Carpenter was “contacted” at 3:00 am while the Jamestown Police have said he was last “seen” at 1:45 am.
Snellings acknowledged the time difference at a City Council Meeting on Monday, but he also stated the conflicting information published by a non-law enforcement entity makes their investigation that much more difficult.
“Social media is our friend, but it’s also our worst enemy,” said Snellings. “It does create confusion and it does muddy the waters for us. We have a very strict timeline that we can confirm now, and that’s what we are working with.”
“Our time frame shows the last time anybody contacted him was at 1:45, and nobody has seen or heard from him since,” Snellings said.
Police have not sent out any additional details regarding the case expect to acknowledge the aerial search April 20th.
Snellings reiterated that his agency is following up every lead and using every kind of media available to assist with the case.


  1. So much we don’t know that I’m sure law enforcement is piecing together. They gotta be able to track his cell phone and ping it for a location. Also if it’s a newer smartphone there are ways to find it even with it turned off. They must know alot we don’t.

  2. Have they pinged his phone yet? From the sounds of it they believe he had it on him at the time he went missing. Basically if they pinged his phone they would get a three mile radius of the last tower his phone pinged off of. This would give them an idea of where his phone last was and a starting point for a search. And I feel like if the fbi is actively involved in the investigation this would not be that difficult to do. Just a thought 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

  3. Where are the funds going to from the go fund me account his “friend” Amy set up less than 24 hrs after his disappearance? She posted 3 am last heard from time. Hope they check her phone and text activity too. Credit and debit card activity for Amy and Sean. Calling on businesses and residents to check there outside cameras on the date and time of disappearance? Heading home to Superior Blvd. (I think it said blvd) approx 1+ mile walk according to Maps app. Happy to hear the FBI is now involved.

  4. You people have no clue about Sean. Get your facts before you open your mouth. His friend Amy isn’t the one they should be looking at and none of your business where the go fund me page goes. If I could slap you from here I would. He is an awesome young man I have known for years and he’s not someone that would walk away from his family and his pets, so just keep sharing his picture and stick to the facts.BRING SEAN CARPENTER HOME

  5. Pinging gets them closer than that nowadays. TV shows aren’t always true. They can tell exactly where it is down to feet. Then they use another device similar to a metal detector to find it once they have an area.

  6. I never said he wasn’t a good person. Credit or debit card activity could be a key if someone tried to use his cards. The use would determine where and when it was used and hopefully a photo of the user. Every lead is important. Warren is my hometown and my family shopped downtown Jamestown many years ago. Even though I live in another state I hate to hear when someone goes missing. My sincere apology for upsetting you it was not my intention. Its frustrating not being able to search for him.

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