Fifty Illness Linked To Local McDonald’s, Source Remains Unknown

JAMESTOWN – Chautauqua County health officials said that 28 new cases were discovered during an investigation into the Rt. 60 McDonald’s near Jamestown, bringing the total number of reported illness to 50.

A woman at the Rt. 60 McDonalds reading a posted closed sign. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

In a press release Friday afternoon, investigators said the cause of the illness remains unknown. Officials said there is currently no evidence that the illness can be spread from person to person.
The McDonald’s is cooperating with investigators. The restaurant remains voluntarily closed to clean and comply with all Health Department recommendations.
Originally, county health officials asked anyone who dined at the establishment and became ill from August 4 though the 21 to contact them. Now investigators are seeking anyone who became ill since July 29.
Those effected can contact the Chautauqua County Health Department at 716-753-4483 or email

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  1. This was my quick stop to grab something because i drive truck.. got half cooked chicken strips and a burger .. Ended up sick for 3 days

  2. My son had chicken nuggets and puked for days, it was projectile vomit and it lasted a week and he had a rash

  3. Hope he’s feeling better….
    The people that work there dont look clean themselves

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