Fire Consumes Six City Structures Within Two-Day Span

First fire at 621 E. 6th St. Thursday evening.
Second fire at 5th St. garage midday Friday.
Third fire at 6th and Winsor just after 11PM Friday.
Fourth fire at Crossman and Lakeview just after 12:30 Saturday morning.
Fifth fire near 30 W. 11th St. started as burning debris. Onlookers noticed smoke from the nearby structure.
Fifth fire smoke noticed in nearby house around 1:20 AM Saturday.
Sixth fire on W. 10th St just after 2AM Saturday.

JAMESTOWN-Six structures caught fire between Thursday evening and Saturday morning throughout the city. 

The house at 621 E. 6th St. suffered its third fire of 2017 Thursday evening. Another house on 6th St. adjacent to Appleyard Terrace caught fire Friday evening around 11 P.M.

A garage suffered a small fire Friday afternoon at 529 E. 5th St., the only location not abandoned on the list.

A fourth structure fire occurred at 220 Crossman St. around 12:30 A.M.

Two other fires occurred at 30 W. 11th St. (1:20 A.M.) and W. 10th St. (2 A.M) early Saturday morning.

A potential seventh blaze at W. 22nd St. was falsely reported.

The following WNYNewsNow staff contributed to this report: Brian Crawford, Justin Gould, Storm Hartmann and Ryan Hedrick.


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