Forest Avenue Raid Reportedly Uncovers Lucrative, Illicit Cigarette Operation

JAMESTOWN – A man is facing felony tax fraud charges following a Tuesday morning raid on Forest Avenue.
Steven Patterson, 46,  is accused of possessing 50 cartons of untaxed cigarettes, according to police.
The Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force said they also seized thousands of dollars in cash.

The New York State Department of Finance and Taxation and the CNET Narcotics Team assisted in the operation.
Patterson is charged with fifth degree criminal tax fraud and possession of unstamped, untaxed cigarettes.
He was taken to city jail to await arraignment.


  1. Oh but steve said he was broke and could help me out with a small loan for an emergency. Pos family member right there.

  2. Most people that are related to you, are not family, relatives and family are two very different things.

  3. This is borderline entrapment. New york state taxes tobacco products so bad that it opens the door for illegal activity. Maybe they should arrest the real crooks. Our lawmakers.

  4. There is worst shit going on in jamestown and cops are worrird about cigaretted

  5. instead of worrying about selling smokes maybe u should worry more about the illegal drugs

  6. It’s the only thing cops in Jamestown, NY can make an arrest on & get a conviction. Between the cops and the bumbling DA Swanson, I don’t know who is more incompetent.

  7. All illegal activity needs to be checked. Find another dealer or pay the taxes that will probably have to be used to treat smoking incurred diseases.

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