Instagram: Kelly’s Doctors Optimistic; Feeding Tube Remains Intact

NEW YORK – Bills’ Hall of fame Quarterback Jim Kelly’s recovery from oral cancer surgery is slow, but doctors are optimistic, according to a post published on Instagram by his wife Jill.
“He still has a feeding tube and trach, because he’s not able to take anything by mouth yet due to swelling,” Kelly said. “Everything else is still healing.”
Kelly left the intensive care at Mount Sinai West three days ago.
“Mr. Kelly continues to make solid progress in his recovery from extensive surgery for his oral cancer,” said Dr. Mark Urken, Head and Neck Surgeon.
“He has been moved out of the intensive care unit and made that transition by walking, on his own, from the unit to the inpatient floor where he will continue the next phase of care. He is still several days away from resuming swallowing and taking nutrition by mouth,” Urken said.
Kelly underwent a 12-hour procedure last week to remove oral cancer and reconstruct his upper jaw.
The Bills great underwent surgeries in 2013 and 2014 and was declared cancer free in 2016.
“Thank you for praying for Jim,” said his wife. “You’re like family and we appreciate you so much.”