Jamestown Business Experiencing More Attempts To Pass Fake Bills

JAMESTOWN – A man who owns and operates several businesses in the city said that attempts to pass fake currency at his locations are on the rise. 
Blake Tarana owns and operates several Tim Hortons in the city including the Brooklyn Square location, which is open 24 hours a day.
Tarana said his management has been hyper-vigilant about the increase in attempts to pass “funny money” at his stores.
“We make sure that all of our employees stay aware,” said Tarana. “We have staff meetings on a regular basis and at those meetings we emphasize the importance of spotting when they are handed a fake bill and what to do in the moments after that occurs.”
Tarana said the frequency of transactions is what makes Tim Hortons a potential target for the criminal activity.
“We spot that people who pass fake money generally order something in an effort to get more money back,” said Tarana. “If we take in a fake $20 bill, we may give $18 dollars back of real money, it hurts us if that happens, it’s a very real problem.”
The United State Secret Service has extensive information on how to spot fake bills. You may access it by clicking this link.