Jamestown Police Act Quickly To Arrest Man Who Tries To Flee Traffic Stop

JAMESTOWN – Several police officers sprang into action  late Monday afternoon after a man tried to flee a traffic stop in the area of Forest and Prather Avenues. 
The rapid response and fast-thinking of the officers was witnessed by our reporters who were walking down 3rd St. towards North Main shortly before 6:00 pm .
According to Chautauqua County Dispatch, a man jumped out of a black vehicle and was apprehended by an unidentified officer who could be heard saying, “one male in custody.”
Jamestown Police transported a male to city jail, while other officers searched the vehicle.Officers concentrated their search to the trunk and underneath of the hood, according to a video captured by WNYNewsNow.
A female who was being held while police conducted the search could be overheard saying to a passerby, “Bobby decided to get out and run, and now I am forced to deal with this.”
We attempted to get the suspect’s name and any charges filed, but that information was not immediately available.
Jamestown Police have said in the past that the dangers presented to officers during traffic stops are immeasurable. Police are also dealing with an increase in drug trafficking and illegal guns on the streets.

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  1. That is not what was said people always put words in peoples mouth all that was said was to a passerby was its not me i didnt do anything i was the passanger bobby was driving they took him to jail and by then the police already had bobby in there custody i was there when this took place ashley never said anything about dealing with this because bobby ran and ashley has been doing good staying clean and out of trouble i know she has becaise she is my friend and has been for years

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