JPS Superintendent Responds To Player Kneeling

JAMESTOWN-City Public Schools Superintendent Bret Apthorpe released the following statement after last night’s kneeling of a ninth grade student prior to a game in Dunkirk:

Regarding the event at the JHS 9th Grade Football game last night when a player knelt during the National Anthem, Jamestown Public Schools believes that this presents an opportunity for a learning moment among our students.

Jamestown coaches and teachers will use this opportunity for all students in our district to learn more about patriotism, sacrifice, civil rights, advocacy and freedom of speech. This event is not about consequences for students, and there will be no consequences for this student, but rather it is about a learning moment for all students.


  1. I personally believe that the student should have to sit out as well as any other student or coach or staff that kneels it is not a teaching opportunity it’s a disgrace to our country you claim that it’s freedom of speech well then if a student tells a teacher that they think that the teacher is dumb or that they dont know what they are talking about then why punish them it’s a freedom of speech but students and or faculty that kneels during our national anthem is somehow ok no that’s a disgrave to every serviceman or woman that has ,is, or will fight to defend our freedoms I’m not saying that they need to be kicked off the team or fired or anything but some sort of consequence should happen ty

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