Lakewood Busti Police Say Neighbors Concerns Prompted Search In Missing Person Case

LAKEWOOD – Police investigating the disappearance of Wilfredo Colon Rodriguez Jr. said a neighbor of his filed a report after they became concerned that they hadn’t seen him in several days. 
Lakewood-Busti Police confirmed that a report was filed on Friday night.
“According to the people that we had talked to when the report was taken, it was very unusual  for them to not have talked to him in several days,” said Sergeant Jeff Spencer, Lakewood-Busti Police.
Rodriguez Jr. was last seen at the Bosco Trailer Park in the Town of Busti,  “several days prior to the report being filed,” Spencer said.
Police have not labeled the disappearance of Rodriguez Jr. suspicious. “From the initial report we took on Friday, no,” Spencer said.
Spencer said his department has contacted the state police about the discovery of two bodies in the county as part of its investigation.
“We have definitely been in contact with the State Police and we’re working with them and they’re going to get back in touch with us when they get a positive identification on the body found in Randolph,” Spencer said.
State Police declined to comment for this story.
If you have any information on the whereabouts on Wilfredo Colon Rodriguez Jr. please contact the Lakewood-Busti Police at (716) 763-9563.