Liuzzo Says His Focus Is To Serve As City Councilman At-Large, Not To Challenge Teresi

JAMESTOWN – “Andy for Mayor!” A statement that is becoming popular.
Numerous City of Jamestown residents have expressed, both on social media, as well as within the physical community, that they would like City Councilman At-Large Andrew R. Liuzzo (R) challenge and defeat Mayor Sam Teresi in the 2019 City Mayoral Election.
I recently had the chance to ask Liuzzo if he’s considered an attempt to become the City of Jamestown’s 24th Mayor. Liuzzo said he’s more worried about the now and not the later.
“At this point, I’m just looking forward to the next meeting,” Liuzzo said. “I’m going meeting-to-meeting. Two years is two years from now. I’ve only been in six weeks. I got elected to serve the City At-Large. That’s were my focus is.”
Liuzzo said he appreciates those who support his work,  but he also knows that some will oppose it.
“It’s nice (the support), but you also have people that don’t like you,” Liuzzo said. “It just comes with the territory.”
The Councilman At-Large said it’s crucial to truthfully remain himself while his term continues.
“I’m going to be who I am,” Liuzzo said. “If I can’t be true to myself, I can’t be true to anybody. I just want City Government, and I’m apart of the government, to be open and to be transparent and let the people know what we are doing.”
Mayor Teresi told reporter Ryan Hedrick during WNYNewsNow’s Election Night Coverage that he wouldn’t commit to another run until the Mayoral Election is closer.
“It’s way too early to tell, got two years,” Teresi said. “I’m focused on tonight’s (Election Night 2017) results, (and) I’m focused on, hopefully, helping a Democrat (Jamestown lawyer Eddie Sundquist) get elected to the 23rd NY Congressional District.”
“Generally, in the past five times I’ve run, I hadn’t made that decision until well into the Election Year.”
Teresi has served as Jamestown’s Mayor since 2000.