Local Bars Subjected To Parole And Probation Checks; No Arrests Reported

JAMESTOWN – Several patrons and one city bar manager told us that parole and probation agents accompanied by police officers visited bars on Friday night conducting a visual surveillance of patrons. 
A staff member at Shawbucks confirmed that agents and police stopped by, “for a quick check.”
“They basically know who is on parole or probation when they come in here,” he said.
Parole agents also checked in at the Crescent Inn, according to several customers.
“They showed up with seven officers and agents and were there only briefly,” said one customer.
Agents reportedly joked with the patrons as they were on the way out saying,”raise your hands if you’re on parole.”
The customer said,”the whole bar raised their hands,” she said.
Police have not confirmed a sweep but rarely publicize these events.
Jamestown Police participated in a Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) detail on Friday night. At least one arrest was reported.