Maria’s Family Speaks Out At Board Meeting

JAMESTOWN-The family of Maria Schroder spoke out in the fight against bullying Tuesday evening during Jamestown Public School’s board meeting.

At least 20 people attended the meeting. A former JHS graduate said in the video she wasn’t surprised that bullying remains a hot topic in the school district.



  1. We have to be careful when we blame just parents for bullying. yes maybe in some cases bullying may be a result of a Childs Homelife, but not all. A child has their own brain and make their own choices regardless of what parents teach their child at home. I suspect that parents would do something about their child bullying if they knew it was happening. I know this may not be the case straight across the board, but I take it personally when someone wants to blame just the parents. Teachers ( some) are also part of this. The child’s peers are part of this. Bullying is an action from the heart. If the heart is broken and misled it can produce bullying behavior. Parents are responsible for making sure that their child is healthy in all areas of their life, but when teens decide they don’t “need” their parents instruction it becomes more difficult. This whole topic is important to address so complicated- hearts need healed!

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