Men Behind Jamestown’s First Brewing Company Infused With Belief, Commitment

JAMESTOWN – The president of what will be the city’s first brewery believes his company is getting in on the ground floor of something great. 
“It’s been a fairly long road but we are so looking forward to becoming part of the Jamestown culture,” said Jon McLellan Sr., President of the Jamestown Brewing Company.

Photo: Jamestown Brewing Company

McLellan said his team studied the area and put a lot of thought and consideration into this concept long before the wheels were set in motion.
“We looked at the market and looked at the demographics and we know we have great products,” said McLellan. “We are looking forward to getting everything going.”
The Jamestown Brewing Company’s Facebook describes the concept as a brewpub and restaurant like nothing else in Jamestown.
They said they’ll feature craft beers, wine and meat paired with farm-to-table food sourced directly from local farmers.
The location is prime real estate as it’s  catty-corner from the National Comedy Center on East Third and Washington Sts.
The company’s executive chef has the arduous task of incorporating the Jamestown community and the fresh local fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers, although that’s a long-term goal, admits Dave Falkenbach.
“Anything local, anything New York State is going to be the ultimate goal,” said Falkenbach. “The style of food, we are not going to do anything out-of-the-box, it will be comfort food, but yet incorporating the beer into a lot of the dishes.”
Falkenbach said he’s excited to serve the community in a place he describes very unique as compared to some of the current restaurants in the area.
The brewery is a five million dollar project and the building is being housed in was the former home of the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation; it was purchased from the Gebbie Foundation last summer.
As of July 6th 2018, the Jamestown Brewing Company project itself will be a four-year project, said Jon McLellan Jr., Operations Manager of the Jamestown Brewing Company.
“It will be four years that we’ve doing market research, demographics studies, and it’s been quite a long time in the making,” said McLellan Jr.
McLellan said the ultimate goal is to experience highest-quality food and beer.
The Brewery is expected to open in July.