Mother Of Toddler Who Fell Out Of Windows Reacts To Community Criticism

JAMESTOWN – The mother of a toddler who fell out of a window on Monday took to her Facebook page after her neighbors criticized her and called her a drug addict. 
“I don’t do drugs,” said  Jenni Marie Ames, when reached by messenger.
Minutes before our message seeking her side of the story, Jenni Marie Ames posted a message for her critics on Facebook.

Facebook Image.

“My son is fine. I was cleaning downstairs; his dad was on his way to work,  and the windows are normally locked, and that doesn’t help when he knows how to unlock them,” she said.
“I don’t know why I have to justify myself, (and) besides that, everyone is perfect till it happens to them,” Marie Ames continued.
“The neighbor (who appeared in our original story) is just an attention seeker (who) knows nothing of my home,” she said.
When reached by messenger late Monday night, Marie Ames said her little boy received some stitches and was “back at home playing with his Easter stuff.”
“I just love my family, and we are trying to make life better for ourselves and others,” Marie Ames said.
We were unable to reach Jamestown Police for comment.
We will discuss this incident more in-depth on News Now at noon via Facebook Live.


  1. I know her and her husband and they don’t do drug people need to find out facts before assuming that she does drugs I use to live across the Street from her on W 8th St I know her mom and dad and her Brother they all are good people

  2. my children are best friends with 2 of her children ive been to her house many time as she has mine.. normally little man is glued to her side.. Janet the neighbor is full of bologna “police” at there house all the time for her and hubby fighting.. that’s too funny her hubby works to even have time to argue like that. if Janet really want to talk she was just dating or is dating a 34… good job standing your ground Jen me and the kiddos love you!!!!!!

  3. accidents can happen ,a friend of mines son feel out of a 2 story window,not once but 2 different times,now they have chicken fence put up on all the windows in the house

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