Nationally Recognized Journalist Discusses “Change” Of Media

PITTSBURGH-“It’s not about the platform but, rather, the content.”

Justin, Ryan and myself were floored when hearing this from Columnist/Creator Dejan Kovachevic during a subscriber meet up Sunday evening at his Highmark Stadium office.

Kovachevic revealed to us another journalist will embark on a journey similar to ours. We can’t reveal the location yet as we were sworn to secrecy.

DK’s Morning Java Set. Morning Java is the site’s morning show.

We were also reminded of the simple idea that newspapers are dying.

“The demise isn’t simply because of the updated technology,” Kovachevic said. “Online publications like yours and mine don’t have deadlines. Our quality of work can be better.”

“Once you get over the fear, you have to get your well-earned money,” Kovachevic’s wife, Dali, added. “Some people, including (Dejan), may still struggle with the idea of multi-media journalism, but people like him will come around.”

We also had the chance to meet nationally recognized beat writers like Mark Kaboly (Steelers) and Josh Yohe (Penguins).

Social Media Director Taylor Haase and I also spoke at length when I arrived home from Pittsburgh, giving me insight on the trends she has discovered.

We are thankful for the opportunity Dejan, his wife and his crew for welcoming us with open arms on a beautiful Sunday.

More will be unveiled on Morning News Now as well as a special report later in the afternoon.