Police Taking ‘Absurd’ Amount Of Calls At Falconer’s Budget Inn

FALCONER – State tax dollars are being used for parolees to go to the Budget Inn, according to a law enforcement source. 
“We take an absurd amount of calls at the Budget Inn,” said the source. “I can’t even tell how many calls we’ve taken over the past several months.”
On Wednesday night, multiple law enforcement agencies, including JPD and New York State Police, descended to the Budget Inn for a parole check.
“It was a parole check; a parolee team from Buffalo came down, and they apparently have some residents staying there and they came in and did a check,” said the source.
“We get a parole report when they are released from prison, and, a lot of times, it is marked on there that they will be housed there (Budget Inn),” the source added.
In the past few months, police have responded to calls for drug trafficking, domestic violence, and other criminal activity.
“At points this year, we’ve had calls multiple times there in one day,” said the source.

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  1. There are people staying at the budget at the expense of Dss are having to share a room with some of these paroles. This doesn’t sound safe or legal to me.

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