Police: Timing Is Critical When Bodies Are Discovered

JAMESTOWN – A local law enforcement official said it is critical to learn as much as possible, and as quickly as possible in a case where a dead body is discovered. 
“If you’re discovering a dead body, identity and causation are the two most important things,” said Gerace. “You want to find out as much as you can, as quickly as you can, about the victim because many times that will lead you in the direction that you need to go.”
Gerace said there’s an emotional toll that cases like these are likely to have, especially in smaller communities.
“Anytime you have a death where answers are sought and they’re not readily available, it’s very trying for the community and its very trying for law enforcement,” said Gerace.
Gerace said if local law enforcement feels overwhelmed, collaboration plays an important role.
“We are not afraid to ask for assistance if necessary,” said Gerace. “We are blessed to have an  FBI Office in Jamestown and we utilize our resources quite frequently.”
Gerace’s comments come hours after New York State Police announced the discovery of dead bodies in the Towns of Portland and Randolph.
Gerace did not comment about the cases because his agency is not involved in those investigations.

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