Quattrone Easily Defeats Gerace In Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Conservative Primary

MAYVILLE – James Quattrone, who is challenging incumbent Joe Gerace for the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s position, won the county’s Conservative primary Thursday night by a wide margin.
Quattrone said that he’s thrilled to have won by over a two-to-one margin (214-107) in the Conservative primary.
“I’m just excited that the Conservative voters in Chautauqua County listened to our message, and it apparently resonated with them,” Quattrone said. “We were able to go out into the community and talk to many of the voters, we were having a great response and we’re very appreciative that they took the time to get out and vote.”
Quattrone told WNYNewsNow that he believes that voters are ready for change as the November general election inches closer.
“I believe the public recognizes the need for change, the need for a responsible, effective budget,” Quattrone said. “We really have to see this collaboration. If we want to be more effective in fighting this drug war, that we are going to have to work together.”
Quattrone said, between now and the election, he’ll spend time reaching out to community members and listen to the concerns they have.
Gerace, meanwhile, wasn’t sure how tonight would go. He said that he’s very thankful for those who did vote for him, especially as he’s also running as a Democrat in a Conservative primary.
“I really didn’t know what to expect. It was a very small voter turnout, unfortunately, but it was people that would normally not vote for Democrats,” Gerace said. “I’ve very pleased with those who did.”
Gerace, however, said that the election that really counts is in November.
“What it means (the Conservative Primary) is another line on the ballot,” Gerace said. “I’ve been endorsed by the Democratic Party and the Working Families’ Party. So, now, all eyes are on the charge to November.”
“I, very much, appreciate those who came out to support me, and hope they continue to do so in November.”
The incumbent said that he will be working to balance his current leadership role with the campaigning before November’s election.


  1. Joe has been the Sheriff for many years and you all know he is VERY Effective in his role as Sheriff. PLEASE VOTE FOR SHERIFF JOSEPH GERACE!

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