Reed To Join Schumer To Make NCC ‘Official Center Of Comedy’

JAMESTOWN – Congressman Tom Reed announced Monday he is joining Senator Charles Schumer’s effort to make the National Comedy Center the “Official Center of Comedy” in the United States.
“My intent and hope is working with (US-NY) Senator (Charles) Schumer, I am very confident that we will get this through,” said Reed. “At that point in time, what that will mean is that the power of the United States Government will say this is the place for the recognition of comedy.”
Reed toured the facility before making his remarks and taking questions from the media.

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

“I can personally attest to the credibility of Tom (Benson) and his team that this is not a ‘fly by night’ type of museum,” said Reed. “This is the place that comedy will be enshrined and forever recognized.”
Gebbie Foundation CEO Greg Edwards said the center’s impact on the local community has already begun.
“The piazzas going in, the brewery is being completed, restaurants are ramping up their approach on how they do business,” said Edwards. “We had a meeting here months ago with 60 local leaders and business people, to give them early notice as to where their business can benefit to have a huge influx of people from out of town.”
In March, Schumer made his first appearance at the center announcing the idea.
The multi-million dollar project is expected to be complete by August 2018.