Residents Express Anger And Outrage Over Alleged Terrace Place “Drug Den”

JAMESTOWN-A woman is speaking out on behalf of her daughter, who is seeking help for her drug addiction.

The daughter was allegedly dragged out of her drug dealer’s house by her hair and left to fight for her life while lying on the porch.

WNYNewsNow producer Justin Gould contributed to this report.



  1. Amy,its not a town that is bad,its the people that have no respect to live in peace and not disrepect the laws of any town. No matter where you go drugs and thugs will always be the down fall

  2. You can thank the wonderful mayor for that bc all the families that had lived there for decades left due to high taxes and no jobs so in order to get his federal funding he had to up the population somehow and what better way to do that then to build apartment complexes and invite all the lazy welfare gun toting druggies into our once beautiful neighborhoods…the man needs to be thrown outta city hall and put in jail with the scum he allowed in here to begin with!!! Sorry for being so brutally honest but I’m fed up with the crap!!!

  3. It’s true
    Look at 2nd street and Windsor. All new apt complexes but rented to all welfare and dealers. That’s why I moved 12 years ago.

  4. After this aired, the man who lived there suffered a huge decline in his drug business, the neighbors have been confronting people going into the house and they have kept walking. Yesterday he grabbed his stuff and has moved out!!! The locks were immediately changed and house has been secured by the owners who have been trying to get him out for months. Kids got to play outside last night without the fear of the drug house!!! FINALLY! From now on know that Terrace Place will be a no tolerance neighborhood! Thanks Ryan!!

  5. When the people fear tge government we have tranny,when the government fear the people we have justice, only tou the citizens can do anything about the issues wirh the mayor tou elect him every term.
    Every place has it problems with thugs and drugs but tou live in a border town 3 hours from another country and you are going to consistently have the drug issues!!!
    Take back your rown get rid the entire bunch including all media personal bc they are hust as compromised as the police sheriffs and state police reelcet all new

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