Source: Sam’s Clubs Across Region To Close, Including Jamestown’s

WEST ELLICOTT – A Sam’s Club management member, who requested anonymity, confirmed that the local Sam’s Club will be closed permanently January 26th due to what they described as a “corporate decision.”
“It was a corporate decision made to put over a 100 people out of work, ” they said. “It sucks, but it is what it is.”
The source said the decision came suddenly.
“Corporate came in this morning for a meeting, which we were paid for, and they broke the news to us that we’d no longer be open effective the 26th,” they said. “They wanted you (the staff) to finish out the shifts that you have remaining.”
The source said that times and schedules will be altered, and the store will only be open from 10-6 effective Friday.
The source also mentioned that he learned it’s possible other stores in the New York and Pennsylvania area will be closed. We have yet to independently confirm that, as the source said corporate would neither confirm or deny that during a meeting.
An attempt to contact corporate was unsuccessful as a spokeswoman hung up the phone.
Ryan Hedrick and Justin Gould contributed to this report. 


  1. I was suspecting this might be a rumor, but I just called the store and the recording said the store is closed today (1/11) and will reopen tomorrow. Sounds fishy to me. Seems legit. 🙁

  2. I hope they don’t come further South and close any. Our store is constantly busy. I mean really busy in a main city here.

  3. Well if they stay open they need to take off the fee and charge less for every thing else. it would be crazy that would be like closing Walmart.

  4. I emailed because I just renewed and this was the response I received. I certainly hope they honor it!
    I am so sorry that your local Sam’s Club is closing and for any inconvenience that this may cause you.
    You may receive a refund of your Membership fees in Club, and I have also alerted our Membership Services Team to contact you to refund you your fee and reimburse any Cash Rewards if you are a Plus Member.
    We value your comments and suggestions and I have forwarded your email to our corporate Club Development Team in this important issue.
    Perhaps a new and bigger Sam’s Club will be opening closer to you soon!
    The Member Services Manager at your local Club may have more news on this.
    Happy to Help You,

  5. Refunding memberships better be a priority. I will not be driving 50 miles to use the 10 month remainder of mine. You can scavenge your computer system with all your customer records to verify I never have.

  6. Drop ur membership fees you will have a lot of people in there!i would shop there but not paying to go in any store

  7. I hope that this is true. I just renewed my membership in December
    Are they going to give a discount on items that we r going to buy now that they are closing.

  8. Smoke screens a’plenty: Ohhhhh, look, we’re giving out one-time bonuses and raising wages to a barely livable $11 an hour, so you should completely ignore all the store closing we’re about to do. Aren’t we great! We totally deserve all the extra millions and millions upon millions in $$$$$$$$$$$ we’ll be pocketing thanks to Trump’s tax scam!

  9. I’m printing off the email I got from them. I renewed it online so I don’t see why they couldn’t refund it online. Of course, they have to make it difficult. I’ll wait a few days until hopefully the lines aren’t so bad. I’m not buying online because the things each month have outrageous shipping charges and I’m not driving to Erie just to get it! Hopefully Cosco or BJ’s comes in.

  10. Companies trim the fat all the time. Especially after the beginning of the year. There has historically almost always been a 1 1/2-2 month low in the economy after the holidays have passed. Markets are at record highs and business is booming. Jobs are everywhere, depends what you’re looking for though. Are you looking for a job or a career? They pay differently and that’s often forgotten. The Department Store business has a shelf life. Unless you’re in management & willing to travel these places only provide jobs. They pay the bills but the real living comes from learning a specific skill or trade, further schooling & education for a licensed professional, etc. Even just learning a skill/trade for example we’ll choose cnc machining/programming, one can make $15-$40 an hour and live very comfortably having a career. Yes, it’s too bad it’s closing but my point is let’s get a place in that building that provides careers and not jobs. That’s the best way to improve this area for everyone. People who make more spend more and pay more taxes. Everybody wins.

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