Southern Tier Woman Recounts How Her Niece Was Sexually Exploited

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY-A Western New York woman told WNYNewsNow she fears the worst for her niece just three years after she was rescued from the largest U.S. human trafficking bust in history.  

“She is so messed up from all of her experiences she doesn’t know right from wrong,” said her aunt, who requested her anonymity because of the issue’s sensitivity.

The woman said her niece lived in the Southern Tier for awhile and was lured into trafficking by a man who was able to influence her enough to the point where she eventually started selling herself.

“After the big trafficking bust, she came to stay with me,” said the woman. “She is so grown from all these experiences she is almost impossible to parent.”

“The last time I knew, she was robbing people for weed and living on her own now, probably prostituting herself.”

The woman is referring to a case supervised by a 2013 Federal Bureau of Investigation case culminating in the arrest of 150 pimps and the rescue of 149 sexually exploited children.

“She had just been called out on a call and it was set up by the sting,” said her aunt. “She had no idea.”

The young girl reportedly met the man who eventually would become her pimp while she was living in Binghamton.

Chautauqua County recently became a fully-funded safe harbor county after receiving a small amount of money in 2015 to help address the needs of sexually exploited children.


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