VERDICT IN: Ruiz Found Not Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder

UPDATE: Reporter Matt Hummel attempted to reach District Attorney Patrick Swanson for comment at 1:30 PM. His secretary said, “He’s not in his office.”
MAYVILLE – Rebecca Ruiz, the woman who was tried for the murder of her boyfriend, was found not guilty for second-degree murder Friday, according to multiple sources familiar with the case. 
Jurors reportedly had the option of convicting Ruiz for either second-degree murder or second-degree manslaughter. Ruiz was also found not guilty on a charge of tampering with evidence.
Ruiz, however, was found guilty on a charge of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. In New York State, that carries a mandatory minimum of 3 1/2 years in state prison.
Ruiz was charged in 2016 with 2nd degree Murder after confessing to the killing of her late boyfriend, Julian Duman, according to testimony from a Dunkirk Police Sergeant.