VIDEO: Child Hit By SUV On Forest Ave.

JAMESTOWN-A child, gender and age unknown, was struck by a vehicle on Forest Ave. near Newland Ave. just after 3:30 PM Wednesday according to an eyewitness report.

WNYNewsNow has reached out to the Jamestown Police Department who said the child was transported to WCA Hospital but could not comment further as the investigation continues.

The child’s condition is unknown as of 4:30 PM Wednesday.

Area residents told reporters on scene that the child was struck by a blue Ford SUV and that vehicles often “speed down the hill”.

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  1. This report seems very irresponsible. The people you interviewed talked about drivers often speeding down the road and make it seem like that is what the driver of the blue SUV was doing. Did you interview anyone who actually witnessed the accident? You don’t know if the driver was speeding or distracted. You don’t know if the child just ran out into the road. Accidents happen. Why not wait until you have the facts before airing something that implies the driver is guilty of something.

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