VIDEO: Emotional Residents, Business Owners React To Arrest Of Arson Suspect

ELLICOTT-Village residents and some business owners are recovering both physically and emotionally more than a week after a fire destroyed Falconer’s skyline.

On Wednesday, WNYNewsNow reached out to the Falconer Community to help share their story on the same day a suspect was charged with burning down multiple buildings in the heart of the village.


  1. What devastation he caused, to the people of Jamestown and Falconer, NY.. Why, does anyone feel compelled to do something so dangerous, and detrimental, to public safety ? I will never understand….

  2. What a sick and disturbed individual. I’m glad no one got hurt… It saddens me to think and come to a realization that people can intentionally cause such destruction. He looks proud of what he did. I hope the justice system gives him what he deserves. My heart goes out to all involved including firemen and police officers. My family home was set fire by an arsonist Mark Fiore in 2008 killing my animals,. My arsonist used to be a nurse at WCA. It sickens me that we dont know who really lives next door, literally.

  3. It isn’t just this douchebag lighting fires. He was in custody when Charles St. was set ablaze. I find it hard to believe he did all of them. No way. The law enforcement is just trying to put minds at ease and using him to do it. Well we’re not dumb! Get out and stake out some condemned houses and catch the rest of them. This kid is definitely not the one on the video at 6th St.

  4. I’m sure the next move for this criminal is to blame on his mental disease.

  5. Obviously he has a mental disorder if he did something like that. There’s not blaming it on a mental disorder that’s just what it is. Normal people don’t do that.

  6. What about the fire he set in Butler County where they caught him? I suppose he’s innocent there also?

  7. Jon is a good person, he does have mental disorders and if you people are going to be ignorant of that then consider the fact that he sought help and was turned away by the people best suited to give him that help. Jones Hill is partially at fault here because he sought help from them and they refused to help him.

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