VIDEO: Unpaid DWI Fines Hinder County From Funding Local Prom Programs

FALCONER-  Saturday’s after-prom event at Falconer High School will feature food, music, and fun. 

While the event itself is fun, pooling the necessary funds isn’t.

New York State recently funded similar programs through fines paid by drunk and impaired drivers. That revenue is now gone because people stopped paying their fines.

The Stop-DWI Chautauqua County program is in such bad financial shape, officials don’t know how to stabilize it.

Sheriff Gerace said “absolutely” without hesitation when asked if the post-prom programs help keep kids out of trouble.

“Judges aren’t enforcing the fines; we blame New York State,” Gerace said.

After-Prom Organizer Rosie Digirolamo said residents in the village have stepped up immensely  to help the cause.

“The community is very awesome about donating for the kids,” says Digirolamo. “We get monetary funds and we get gift cards.”

Falconer Central School officials encourage the community to support the students by attending an open house at the High School Saturday at 7 pm.

WNYNewsNow producer Justin Gould contributed to this report.